Phoenix in Flames started in 2007 when singer and bassist Cornelius Black began to jam hard rock music with friends under the project name ''Black and Blood''. The name of the band rapidly shifted to ''The Tribe'' under the influence of former drummer Tom Soy. That's when Cornelius Black met former keyboardist Mike Danihell's who introduced guitarist Paul Black to the band. Paul and Cornelius thought that the similarity between their last names was funny but found out later they where biological brothers. Former guitarist Japps was hired to replace a departing Jerry Blood and the band started to rehearse on a regular basis.

Soy left the band a few weeks after the first show so the band started to look for a new drummer. Danihell's met Marty Legend at a local jam and spoke to him about the project. Legend started to rehearse with the band and became an official member shortly after. That's when the news came out that an american band called ''The Tribe'' had just been signed on a major label in the US. Phoenix in Flames was considered amongst other names and was finally chosen unanimously. The band released a five song EP called ''Rise from The Ashes'' in March 2013 and started to intensify their presence on the local live scene in Trois-Rivières.

That's when Danihell's decided to quit to study cooking. After a few unsatisfying auditions, the core members started to work on a new show as a quartet. After a while, a second EP with a singularly different sound came out. Although its production was clearly a nightmare at a certain point, ''Howling for Power'' became a learned-lesson for the band and a true classic for the real fans. Eager to show off their new skills, the guys of Phoenix in Flames began to work on their first full LP album with Francis Perron at Studio Radicart.

After the Christmas break, in the begining of 2016, Japps announced to the others that he wanted to focus on different projects and  that, therefore, he would no longer be part of the project. The production of the album was delayed and the band hired Jessy Stallion a few weeks after playing in front of a thousand screaming fans at the Club Soda in Montreal. Other shows where set up to help the band warming up before returning in the studio but Jessy decided to cancel his involvement in the band.

Marty, Paul and Cornelius then decided to focus on the LP album production. In Febuary 2017, LOOKOUT! was released. Also, a music video for the single ''Sad no More'' debuted on Youtube and the eleven tracks of the album were spawned on Itunes. In the following summer, Tony Monteiro was recruted, bringing in keyboards for the first time in five years. Soon after, Cornelius was introduced to Wade Anderson by an old classmate and it became clear after a few jams that the new line up was official.

In support of the album ''LOOKOUT!'', a second music video was released with the song ''Steering The Wreck''. On April's 1st 2018, Phoenix in Flames stated on their Facebook page that their drummer Marty Legend decided to quit the band. Shortly after, Kakuna was unveiled as the new permanent drummer and the band embarked on a successful European tour the following summer. On the 10th of December 2018, Phoenix in Flames announced the production of a new LP album featuring the new members of the band.

The album will be recorded by Bear of Legend's drummer and sound prodigy Francis Perron who alsocollaborated with the cult metal band Voivod for their last album that was praised by The Rolling Stone Magazine.